Workforce Performance

Seasonal Solutions to Enable Your Permanent People

If Australian agribusinesses are to maintain, and grow profitability, they must continuously improve the quality and productivity of their core systems and processes. These key functions can only be improved by your permanent workforce.

In medium to large scale agribusinesses, how the seasonal workforce complete their day to day tasks has a major impact on product quality, productivity, cost of goods and profitability.

If the seasonal workforce is not stable, capable and productive, your front line supervisors and middle managers become over-burdened, fatigued and distracted while micromanaging poor performers.

With high seasonal staff turnover and lowered productivity, your permanent workforce does not have the time, energy or inclination to drive continuous improvement projects and initiatives.

It is the responsibility of agribusiness leaders to design and manage their workforces to enable their permanent workforce to become the engine room for continuous improvement.


Labour shortages and piece rate new strategies for profitability in Australian agriculture

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