Lean in Agriculture

Improve Your Profitability

In these challenging times for Australian agriculture, forward thinking primary producers and agribusiness operators are improving their profitability through the application of Lean principles.

For over 40 years, Lean has been successfully implemented around the world in countless sectors including manufacturing, finance, government, service industries and agriculture.

Lean isn’t a trend – it’s a proven business management system designed to create more value while using resources more efficiently. With world leading organisations including John Deere, Caterpillar, Nike and Intel continuing to apply LEAN processes throughout their operations to enormous success, why wouldn’t you?

When Lean principles and tools are systematically applied to your agribusiness, you can expect:
  • A reduction in waste across growing, processing, maintenance, supply chain systems and finance areas
  • Significant improvement in product and service quality, raw material flow, elevated productivity, increased customer satisfaction and increased profitability

Get Your Agribusiness Lean

Every function in your agribusiness will benefit from the application of Lean. As trusted advisors to a range of Australian agribusinesses, PSVC is equipped with a unique and extensive knowledge of the agriculture sector, its current challenges and the factors impacting on your profitability. Experts in our field, we are focused on driving improvements throughout each function of your agribusiness to deliver measurable improvements.

In addition to our LEAN advisory services, we also offer a comprehensive three day Ag LEAN Leader Training Course aimed at educating your leaders and getting greater results for your agribusiness !

Ag Lean Leader Training Course

Developed for owners, leaders, managers and supervisors of commercial  agribusiness, this highly interactive program teaches Lean principles through active participation in the Elphinstone Simulated Work Environment. During the course, participants also cover practical, industry centric examples of how Lean applies to ALL parts of agricultural supply chains.

Designed and delivered in collaboration with Productivity Improvers, participants will be able to put Lean tools and techniques into practice upon immediate 
return to work.


To avoid competing with peak demand during the critical spring and summer months, the Ag Lean Leader Course is offered at various times between May and August each year. 

LEAN agriculture how to make your agribusiness more profitable