In today’s high cost, low margin environment, your agribusiness must be producing high quality, raw material that customers are prepared to pay top dollar for.

 Those in the industry know all too well that an agribusiness will make money from Class 1, break even on Class 2 and lose money on every kilo of all other grades. To put it simply, no primary production operation can afford to devote land, water, production inputs, labour, machine hours and brain power to producing raw material that isn’t making a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Do the Maths and Know the Facts

To quantify your ‘Market Alignment’, calculate what percentage of the total raw material produced that meets your highest paying customer’s Class 1 specifications.

 The percentage of raw material that isn’t Class 1, represents the size of the opportunity your agribusiness has to improve on its ‘Market Alignment’.

Learn More About Your Agribusiness

How much room for improvement in ‘Market Alignment’ is there in your agribusiness? Why not delve a little further and take our Market Alignment Diagnostic? This quick and simple assessment tool, has been tailored specifically for agribusiness and helps identify opportunities and areas of improvement.


Thought provoking and revealing, try it today and see where your agribusiness sits. For more information, contact PSVC on 0407 567 250 or email: