Who we are

Simon Drum – Managing Director

Simon has a deep and holistic understanding of food value chains.  That is; how primary production systems, supply chains, manufacturing, markets and consumers operate and interact.  He has the ability to engage, unite and focus stakeholders throughout a value chain in order to progressively improve market alignment, efficiency and effectiveness.

Over the course of a 20 year agribusiness career, Simon has worked in a diverse range of agricultural industries including intensive horticulture, grain, cotton and livestock.  In management roles with Elders Limited, Horticulture Australia Limited, Harvest Moon and LaManna Premier Group he has lead and managed teams working along the length of numerous food value chains.

Simon’s depth and breadth of experience in food value chains enables him to bring a holistic and objective perspective to bear when working with owners and leaders of vertically integrated food businesses.  His practical, candid and persistent style enables him to build productive working relationships with results oriented businesses and individuals.

What motivates Simon is working with owners, leaders and dedicated teams within vertically integrated food businesses to grow profit by aligning the businesses resources, energy and effort with what their target customers and consumers value.


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