How we would work with you

Food value chains are complex, consisting of many interdependent and dynamic elements.

Understanding how the primary production, operations, logistics and marketing elements interact, the nature of the relationships and flow of information between the chain partners takes time, experience and perception.

Endeavouring to formulate sustainable and implementable strategy, redesigning the structure or function of value chains, prioritising gaps in human resources or altering existing trading partner relationships without a deep understanding of how the respective elements interact is fraught with danger.

At PSVC Advisory we do not undertake rapid reviews or audits, write reports, send an invoice and leave.

Having satisfied ourselves that we are compatible with your business and genuinely believe we are in a position to deliver sustained value we enter into what we expect will be a long term arrangement.

In consultation with owners and leaders we identify projects that will have an immediate impact and get to work on implementation with your team. By working with your people while we implement these initial projects we develop the necessary understanding and rapport with you and your team required to begin tackling the strategic issues.

The intensity of our involvement varies based on your needs. The duration of our involvement will always be until the job is done.