How we add value to your chain

With a deep understanding of primary production systems, operations, supply chain, markets and marketing, PSVC Advisory brings a wholistic and objective perspective to bear on food value chain businesses.

Utilising formal and/or informal research methods PSVC Advisory assists clients understand their target consumer.  This insight informs value chain design, creating the most efficient and effective value chain possible.

Having gained an understanding of the target customer, the marketplace, primary production systems and the dynamics between the existing partners, we facilitate the formulation of a sustainable, defensible and implementable strategy.

We help our clients step back and look objectively at each of the links in their chain and (re)design primary production, processing, operations and marketing systems to align with their target customers & consumers requirements.

Having redesigned or refined the value chain our clients are operating we help our clients identify what permanent and itinerant human resources need to be applied in order to bring the new chain to life, assisting with recruitment, development and mentoring.

As the optimised chain takes shape we work with the key members of the team to design operational metrics and reports they need to monitor quality, defects, delivery, flow and productivity in real time.

Utilising the insight provided by the new operational metrics, together we identify and implement continuous improvement initiatives.